HOW-TO use XBMC and Vista Media Center with a MCE remote with EventGhost

27 01 2010

Following the comment Dave left on the MCE Remote, here is a link to the very nice little app called ‘Event Ghost’.





XBMC Weather Service – Change Display to Celcius – How To

21 01 2010

Like many new XBMC users; I find the Weather service awesome! Here is an example:

XBMC Weather Plug-In Fahrenheit

XBMC Weather Plug-In Fahrenheit

But wait; there is a problem. As you can see from the view above, this is in Fahrenheit? My location is configured correctly, but still it displays as Fahrenheit? So what to do? Easy, a few simple steps will solve this problem:

  • From the Home Screen, go to Settings
  • Go To Appearance
  • On the left pane, select international
  • The second option is Region
XBMC Regional Settings

XBMC Regional Settings

  • Now change the region to match somewhere that uses¬†Celsius, and bob is your uncle.
XBMC Weather Plug-In Celcius

XBMC Weather Plug-In Celcius