Discovery Channel: I love the World

19 01 2010

Dont you just love this song?


Import/Export your XBMC Library. Without having to download it again!!

19 01 2010

Setting up my XBMC media centre, I ran into some niggles; one is having to reimport my Movie/TV Show library and file information every time I reinstalled XBMC. After doing this 3 times and using about 200MB of bandwidth, I found the simple answer!

XBMC always supported exporting your library, but never to the detail where you could export banners/fanart etc. Now it does!

Here is how:

  • After having added your Movies/TV Shows to your library, and ensuring the collected information is correct; Go to your Library.
  • -Right Click to get the Context menu
  • Select Settings
  • Now Select Export Video Library (like before)
  • Now a new pop up appears asking if you want to export into seperate files or a single file. Select seperate files
  • Select Export thumbnails and fanart
  • Select Export actor thumbs
  • Select Override Existing files (Only existing nfo/jpgs/tbn files)

What it has done now is to add a few files to every directory where files are located, for example:

TV Series
–> Royal Pains
–> Season 1
-> Royal Pains S01E01.avi     #*- The Video File
-> Royal Pains S01E01.nfo    #*- Episode information added
–> fanart.jpg    #*- The episode fanart that was added, for the back ground
–> folder.jpg    #*- The thumb for the folder
–> tvshow.nfo     #*- Information about the TV Show, name, story line, actors etc

So in future when you need to reimport your Movies/TV Shows, it won’t need to download everything from the internet again, it will scan the internet to ensure the .nfo file it is reading is correct, and then use the information from the files on your hard drive.


15 01 2010

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